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The New Britain Falcon Ski Club is a group you can spend time with throughout the year. The winter months are spent skiing and snowboarding and, in the summer, we golf. As a member of the CSC, your average lift ticket costs $40-$50 per person, and if driving isn’t your thing you can join us on one of the several bus trips we organize each season for an additional $25 per person. Once the snow melts we invite our members to join us on the golf course. Throughout the summer, league matches are held once per week and members participate in a variety of tournaments, many of which are for charity.
Meetings are held at the Polish Falcon Club, Nest 88 located at 201 Washington Street New Britain, CT 06051.
Contact at +860-385-2297 or rkot@newbritainfalconsskiclub.com to come enjoy our lively and cordial atmosphere where we speak Polish and English alike!

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New Britain Falcons Ski Club Officers for 2017-2018 Season as of 02/19/2018


Robert Kot


Ted Marcisz

Club Managers

  1. Richard Sadanowicz
  2. George Iskra
  3. Tadeusz Prendki
  4. Michael Warchol

Vice President

Krzysztof Lompart

Corresponding Secretary

Ben Nadzieja

Audit Commission

  1. Dariusz Buczek
  2. Michael Miller
  3. Joseph Pomykala

Vice President, Golf

Stanley Rembisz

Web Page Coordinator

John Zuk and Sebastian Michalski

Bus Trip Coordinators

  1. Renata Bodziak
  2. Mierzejewska
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