Connecticut Ski Council Clubs race every Monday night at 7:30pm at Mount Southington. The minimum age to race is 18. Skiers 20 years old, 40 years old, and even skiers in their 80’s race for the competition, camaraderie and excitement.

To be eligible you must be a member of one of the Connecticut Ski Council clubs. The format is double course giant slalom with skiers racing the best of two runs. All women and men 64 and over 64 race on one course (red), all men under 64 race on another course (blue).

First you have to purchase a $31 Race ticket in the Lessons & Night Racing office near the ticket window (enter the door to the left of the ticket window). The ticket entitles you to NASTAR timed racing and an all mountain lift ticket for the night. The fee for Season Pass Holders and Seniors 70+ is only $17.  Participants with tickets purchased through Liftopia or online on the Mount Southington website are subject to the $17 race fee as well.

After purchasing the ticket, you should go to the “Mountain Room” restaurant/bar (go thru the main gate and take a right; it is the last building on your right). The registration is in the “Mountain Room” on the second floor from 5:30pm to 7:15pm.

To register, you have to show your ticket, fill out and sign two waivers/forms and you will receive a bib with your number. Then, write your name next to your bib number on the rosters on the back wall. Note: the bibs need to be returned after each racing night (immediately after second run).

After registration you should go change and get ready for racing. They announce the starting numbers, which are drawn each night for each course.

Take couple of runs before racing if there is time.

Please go to and register, the number you get you should put on one of the waivers/forms next to NASTAR ID. When registering for NASTAR number, pick New Britain Falcons as the Club Team.

There is no racing experience necessary, it is all about having some fun and at the same time you can get valuable race coaching and improve your skiing skills.

The New Britain Falcons do not have many racers, but this is where you come in! We invite you to take part in the fun and represent our club. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and improve your skiing skills. Our goal is to create a team of 12 to participate in the weekly competition and help represent and promote our club. The current fee to participate is only $31 of which the New Britain Falcons will cover $15.

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