Winter Months

Winter months are spent skiing, snowboarding and racing.

Summer Months

Summer months are spent golfing, biking, kayaking and hiking.

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With New Britain Falcons Ski Club, members enjoy each other’s company all year long.

New Britain Falcons Ski Club







Great Reasons to Join "New Britain Falcons Ski Club"

Meet New Friends

Being part of our club is also a wonderful way to meet new people and socialize with family and friends.

Ski Outside Backyard

Luxury bus travel for day trips and extended trips to resorts in U.S.A., Canada and Europe with CSC.

Year Round Fun

In the off-season, members will be golfing, biking, hiking, kayaking and meeting for social gatherings of all kinds.

Save Money

Join and take advantage of the numerous ski area discounts.

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If you have any questions about New Britain Falcons Ski Club, please reach out to us.